【TICKETS NOW ON SALE!!】ONE MAN TOUR「TOUR OF GEHENNA 17-18」Featuring Daichi with a Solarian7 and a VGS Soulmaster 7 string model.

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  • New Endorser!Yuto and Yuta from Earthists

    We are very proud to welcome Yuto as an official endorser and Yuta from the progressive rock band Earthists as a products tester for Alien Soundworks!!

  • Instrumental pickups arrived in Japan!

    For July 2016 Alien Soundworks is importing Instrumental Pickups from U.S.A.! First those handmade pickups will be available as an option for the custom order. Then slowly we will provide some pickup sets as guitar parts for anyone. For more information please email us!

    EverTune Masterclass (featuring Daichi)!

    The 29th of April 2016 Alien Soundworks explained the EverTune bridge at ESP's shop BIG BOSS Ochanomizu. EverTune user Daichi from the band Nocturnal Bloodlust also performed and explained the advantages of the EverTune bridge system. We had the opportunity to do a masterclass at the ESP Musical Academy of Tokyo the 25th of June.

    Pro Tone Pedals

    For 2016 Alien Soundworks started to import PRO TONE PEDALS into Japan. Those made in USA pedals are favorites of many professionnal players and be sure that the very popular models like the DEAD HORSE PEDAL or the MISHA MANSOOR ATTACK OVERDRIVE will be in stock as well!!

    New guitar endorser Daichi !

    Alien Soundworks is proud to announce that Daichi from the visual metal band Nocturnal Bloodlust is our new endorser. Daichi is using 2 VGS Soulmaster VSM-120/7string on stage and in the studio. Please take time to check out some VGS actions with the Nocturnal Bloodlust song "Providence" here :

    Alien Soundworks X HKS new professional cable

    Hinode Kouki Seisakujo had been for many years a Japanese OEM manufacturer for famous cable and plug brands. Their own brand called "HKS" had never been known as much as it should be until now. But today with the collaboration of Alien Soundworks a fabulous guitar shielded cable is born. Let us introduce you the new ALIEN SOUNDWORKS X HKS cable, sturdy, unbreakable and 100% percent made in Japan ! Start to use it now and you won't go back to your previous cables...More details

    The Solarian 7 string is now available !!!

    The Solarian is now available with 7 strings for lower tone rumbles. The Solarian series is an semi-custom order, featuring many wood options, infinity of color choice and plenty of hardware option as well. Check it out !

    Welcome to the new Alien Soundworks homepage !!!

    Welcome to the Alien Soundworks website. We hope that you will enjoy discovering our products and our vision of building instruments and accessories that can make the musician's life easier. For more information rest assured that we will reply to any of your questions here: Thank you for visiting us.
    Nicolas OURY (CEO)